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Shoshanna Withers,


a multifaceted luminary hailing from the quaint town of Clayton, NC, radiates artistic brilliance as an accomplished actress, model, filmmaker, and photographer. Currently dwelling in the pulsating heart of creativity, New York City, Shoshanna's journey is a testament to the synergy of Southern charm and urban sophistication.

With a background steeped in the performing arts, Shoshanna embarked on a trajectory that seamlessly weaves through the realms of cinema, fashion, and visual storytelling. Her on-screen presence is captivating, effortlessly translating her depth of emotion into each character she inhabits.


As a model, she graces the lens with an ethereal allure, embodying the intersection of elegance and avant-garde.


In her ventures behind the camera, Shoshanna's directorial vision and photographic acumen reveal a narrative enriched with nuance and authenticity.


With roots in Clayton and wings in the skyline of New York, Shoshanna Withers continues to etch her legacy as a true artisan of the creative tapestry.

*Currently Shoshanna studies with Thomas G. Waites at TGW Studios and is Represented by Untamed Artists LA

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